First International Congress on Human Rights

The Mainel Foundation organizes a series of international conferences on human rights for the coming years, focusing on situations of violation of these rights at present. The first of these took place on the 17 and 18 of February 2017 in Valencia, under the heading “the rights of refugees and the responsibilities of Europe”.

All of the declarations and international conventions on human rights insist that there are not enough legal instruments to ensure that they are effectively recognized and fulfilled in today´s society. It is essential to create a national and supranational culture, not only involving public institutions but all social actors and citizens. It is therefore essential to the work of education, training and promotion that not only must be carried out in the educational centers but in all areas of society.

With this objective, Mainel, in collaboration with the Institute of Human Rights and the Department of Philosophy of Law and Political Philosophy at the University of Valencia, have proposed a series of international conferences on human rights over the next few years.

The First International Congress on Human Rights: The rights of the rufugees and the responsibilities of Europe, will be held on 17 and 18 of February in the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados of Valencia.

The Congress will feature the participation of national and international experts, such as the political scientist Sami Nair; Jorge Cardona, member of UN Committee on the rights of the child and president of UNICEF in the Valencian Community; Pablo Ceriani, Vice President of the United Nations Committee for the protection of the rights of migrant workers and their families; María Teresa Gil Bazo, Professor of International Law at the University of Newcastle and specialist in legal protection of refugees, asylum and migration legislation.

The complete program of congress and the same inscriptions will be available soon on this website.