Mission, vision and values

Our Mission

Since 1990 the Fundación Mainel has been working in two fields:


We work on international cooperation and social action programmes. We provide education, training and opportunities, so that all people can convert themselves into protagonists of their own development and grow an entrepreneurial attitude.


We organize activities that rise awareness and promote a profound reflection of the human spirit.

Our Vision

A better world in which the meaning of life and human dignity are more important than material interests.

Our Values

  • Love and respect for all, keeping in mind that this means more than a simple economic aid.
  • Open opportunities for all without discrimination, inspired by Christian humanism.
  • Open dialogue for all; making an effort to unite people from different cultures, ethnicities and religions;
    determination to provide forums for the peaceful exchange of opinions and respecting different views.
  • A positive Outlook, promoting progress and spread optimism in a chaotic and often unfair world.
  • Quality, professionalism and enthusiasm to achieve our goals.
  • Teamwork, adopting schemes with higher levels of participation each time, promoting the initiative of our employees, local partners and project beneficiaries.
  • Responsibility in resource management, based on the sustainability of our actions
  • Transparency and accountability, both in economic aspects and in our results.