Employment development in Lebanon

Water supply and education for women from rural areas in Lebanon and Syrian refugee women

  • Local partner: PRODES
  • Subsidy: 41,522 Euros
  • Duration: starting soon
  • Funder: Ayuntamiento de Murcia

The aim of the project is to improve the quality of life for women from rural areas in Lebanon and Syrian refugee women. The women are provided means and tools to improve their chance of employment.

Therefore, the necessary water infrastructure will be created in the educational centres in Al Tilal and the Institute of Management and Services (IMS). Also, a professional education programme (theoretical and practical) will be created.

The project will also offer basic courses for underage Syrian refugees, which will allow them to improve their quality of life during their time of displacement.

In the past years the biggest problem in Lebanon has been the strong migration, especially in rural areas. One of the main reasons for the migration is the lack of employment and economic movement in the villages.

Strong efforts were put into the reconstruction of the big cities after the war, leaving the villages disadvantaged and stagnated. The elderly are staying in the country and the younger people look for new opportunities abroad.

The situation worsened after the arrival of 1,500,000 Syrian refugees. Although they have the refugee status and remain in the country illegally, refugees are working for a lot less in the informal sector without rights or implementation of law. This increases the unemployment among the citizens and results in migration.