Basic health care

Improvement of basic care for women and children in urban areas near the Chiclayo district (Lambayeque) Phase 1

  • Local partner: University Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo
  • Duration: October 2008- May 2010
  • Budget: 499,530 Euros
  • Funder: Generalitat Valenciana

The projects aim was to fight main health issues of women and children. Through the easier access to health care services, the quality of life of people in need was improved. A maternal and child health centre with five units was constructed, including: an outpatient clinic with a gynaecology clinic, midwifery and paediatrics; medical diagnosis and treatment; emergency; operating and obstetrical centre; and gynaecological-obstetric and paediatrics hospitalization with a total capacity of 10 beds and 10 cribs.