Scholarship program for girls at risk of prostitution

  • Local counterpart: Jess Foundation
  • Date of execution: Since 2009
  • Total Budget: Varies annually
  • Funded by: Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Valencia (ICAV) / Empresarios de Beniel
  • Recipients: Varies annually

The Project aims to prevent the sale of girls from rural areas of Thailand into the circuits of sexual exploitation. The funds are directed to their education and necessities. With the scholarhship, it will cover the costs of an entire year of schooling, including clothing, food and school supplies. The amount of the scholarship varies for each girl, since each case is unique and requires a different treatment.

This Project is a collaboration between Fundation Mainel and NGO We Are One, that develops on site at the Jess Foundation, directed by Spanish Jesuit Alfonso de Juan.

This collaboration arose a couple of years ago, as a result of the involvement of the writer and journalist José Luis Olaizola (Planet Award in 1983) in the fight against child prostitution in Thailand. Through conferences and regular mass media, it also is getting to sensitize public opinion in Spain on this serious problem, and the means to solve it.

This Project includes a component of awareness in Spain, through an exhibition of photographs of the scholarship girls.

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