Strengthening of the women´s training services at the Girls Technical Center of Kimlea

  • Partners: Harambee, Kianda Foundation
  • Date of execution: 14/2/2017 to 14/2/2018
  • Budget: 36,500 Euros
  • Direct beneficiaries: 100

Kimlea Girls Technical Training Centre is a profesional training school for rural women promoted by the Kianda Foundation.  It is situated in the city of Limuru, 40 kilometers from Nairobi. Since its creation in 1974 it has provided training courses, offering classes of literary, nutrition, hygiene, driving  the technical preparation of young people to achieve their active integration into the labor market.

The school has two types of training:

  1. In house program: two years of hospitality technical training, aimed at young people between the ages of 18 and 24 years old.
  2. Outreach program: basic educational plan intended for tea pickers and other laborers between 25 and 50 years old, that is adapted to their work schedules. The courses are practical and oriented to promote small businesses that the beneficiaries can use to obtain extra income in addition to their salaries as day laborers. The classes include knowledge of health, nutrition, home care, and first aid. This program is itinerant and also takes place in the school on weekends and holidays.

This project provides support to reinforce the training services that Kimlea offers, ensuring its correct operation thanks to the availability of a good team of trainers, the necessary materials needed, as well as the means of transportation to facilitate school attendance for the students who live far away from the center.