Constuction of a boarding school for the Tewa Training Center

  • Partners: Harambee, Kianda Foundation
  • Dates of execution: 14/2/2017 to 14/2/2018
  • Budget: 63,500 Euros
  • Direct beneficiaries: 205

The TEWA Girls Technical Training Center is located in Baghari, in the district of Kilifi, 50 kiometers from Mombasa and functions as a school of technical training for rural women. The center offers  complete courses in Hospitality, Domestic Sciences, Agriculture, and Computer Science.

The students who move to attend school, often rent rooms in private households that do not meet the conditions necessary for their safety and well-being. Former students of the Center have been seen in various situations of danger, and have been assaulted or raped. In addition, these rooms can barely fit one bed, have no furniture, and most lack electricty, water, and bathrooms. In these conditions they cannot study, nor may they stay to do so in the school because to return to their homes later than 6 pm would not be safe.

The main objective of this Project is to guarentee the safety of the girls that come from the remote areas to the Tewa Training Center, through the construction of a boarding school with four bedrooms for five people each, an office, bathrooms, and a corridor that connects the center and the wall.