Advancement of women and Access to culture and sport for young people

Promotion of the vulnerable woman and sport and culture access to girls and boys from the rural population of Kanzenze

  • Local Counterpart: Religious women Pureza de María
  • Subsidy: 10.206,88 €
  • Execution Date: 07/03/2018 – 06/03/2019
  • Financier: Municipality of Murcia

The Project proposes the creation of a leisure-cultural space for children and young people from Kanzenze, as well as the funding of vulnerable women’s entrepreneurship projects.

During the first phase a protected space surrounded by metallic fence will be created. It will cover volleyball and basketball courts, a covered hangar and a big empty space, which is next to the Uzima College sports part. In addition to this space, there is going to be a polyvalent room that is now under construction, but has to be finished to be fully used. This space, attached to the Uzima College, can operate in an independent manner. That is, as the College works in the morning, the leisure and sporting space will remain open all the time and for everyone. Some adult or educator will attend children and young people during the activities; furthermore, there will not be other dangers for them because of the lack of adequate spaces.

Taking into account the worries of young people that will use the space, various out-of-school activities run by instructors as football, basketball and volleyball; music and choir or groups of juvenile participation, are going to be programmed.

On the other hand, the project will boost the funding and supervision of economic projects leaded by women from rural areas who have and special situation of vulnerability and risk. All of these women from Kanzenze are creative, brave, hardworking and honest. All of them take care of their families, specially, of their children training and studies, with admirable tenacity and responsibility. All of them deal with difficult situations. Moreover, most of the time they have to fight alone, by widowhood, desertion of her spouse, either problems related to domestic violence or complicated contexts. Each one, on their own initiative, presents a development project: in the agricultural sector, breeding animals or in pretty trading. These women are given access to a fund thanks to which they can get started with the developing and management of some activity. Its benefits allow them to invest one part on satisfying the family need and another one on new investment, generating wealth for them and the village, through the mobilization of local economy.